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DSONews is here to support Dental Professionals who are focused on this segment of the Dental Market. Small & Emerging Dental Groups will benefit from the variety of resources focused on practice efficiencies, different business protocols, centralization strategies as well as products and services specifically devoted to group practices. DSONews is also here to collaborate & share with Mid-Market and Elite Group Practices who are working to enhance their success and streamline their profitability. And finally, DSONews will help to keep dental industry partners, manufacturers and service providers informed of the changes taking place within the many aspects of this market segment, from the Associations, DSO-Related Events, New Mergers & Acquisitions and much more…


Valuable Resources

Access to a selection of relevant news, webinars, reports, videos and information focused exclusively on the business of dental group practices.

Industry Publications

A Complimentary Subscription to our eNewsletter DSONews which includes DSO Industry Updates, Regulatory Tracking, DSO Best Practices and much more.

Networking Opportunities

Education & Networking Opportunities for our DSO Executives & Supported Dentists, through Local, Regional and National Events, CE Initiatives and more.

Subscription is FREE to all Dental Professionals, Dentists forming
New Groups, Existing Groups, Executive and Afilliate Dentists.

Our Mission

The primary objective of DSONews is to provide each subscriber access to important DSO-related news throughout the year. This eNewsletter will provide valuable information pertaining to our ever-changingbusiness sector. A secondary benefit of subscription is formalizing the existence of our collective network, and collaborating more effectively in order to reach important milestones that support our collective interests.

Here is a summary of content offerings you can expect from DSONews which is provided to keep you informed of the latest News & Information pertaining to dental group practices;

DSONews provides each Subscriber a wide selection of DSO-Related content [Legal & Regulatory Matters, Office Efficiencies, Dental Products & Services, exclusively positioned to address the needs of the Group Practice/DSO] through News Briefs, Articles, Meeting Highlights, White Papers, Videos, Continuing Education and much more.

Each edition of DSONews will provide a strategic selection of website links to assist our subscribers in gaining easy access to other DSO-Related news & like-minded professionals in the field of dentistry. From Associations and Forums, to Academies and products and services that support Group Practices, our DSO Subscriber Network will maintain connectivity to information that matters most.

This is a critical time in our market sector to gain meaningful intel on a wide variety of data that effect your Group Practice / DSO Business. From Office Efficiencies and Trending Data, to Recruitment Opportunities and Acquisitions, it is important that each of our subscribers maintain access to information that may affect the outcome of their decisions.

Gain access to the latest offerings in Continuing Dental Education, from Articles, Videos, Webinars, eBooks, Events and much more, all available to maintain licensure through CDE Credit hours at a special DSO discount offer to subscribers.

Subscribers can expect to find a calendar listing & coverage on various local, regional and national events within DSONews, along with links to assist you in attending. You will receive information on the event details - dates, locations, speakers, activity highlights and much more.

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Your free subscription will also enroll you to receive Articles, eBooks, Videos and information about upcoming Events as well as Free & Offers from Dental Manufacturers and Service Providers.