Q:  Do I have Unlimited Access to the Solo-Practice Data during the Term of My Subscription?

Yes, unlike many other ‘list’ companies, who only rent or license you their list for a single-use or restricted/limited period, our Solo-Practice Data is available on our Data Platform 24/7, and you have no restrictions to the number of times you access or download the data.

Q:  How do I ‘Download’ a Data File Once I’ve Designated the Filtering Options?

After you’ve determined what data segment you desire from the filtering options, i.e. Specialty, Gender, State(s), etc. you click the ‘Search’ button to pull that data – then click the “Download” button and your custom data file is downloaded and ready for use.

Q:  In What file format is the Solo-Practice Data provided upon download?

Data is provided in Excel – one of the most common and universally acceptable file formats – capable of import/export into most contact management software. You can download various data files as often as needed.

Q:  What form of payment is accepted for the Solo-Practice Data?

Our secure, on-line ordering process accepts All Major Credit Cards and is backed by one of the most popular and secure payment processing systems available. Over 95% of our subscriptions are processed via the website. We also accept payments via old-school paper checks, however those forms of payment incur an additional processing charge and cause a delay in your immediate access to the data.

Q: For the Subscription Fee – How many Subscribers can access the Solo-Practice Data?

Each subscription to the Solo-Practice Data provides up-to Three (3) Seat Licenses or Subscribers to access the data platform. Each of these subscribers needs to work for the company that is subscribing to the data.

Q: What if we require more than Three (3) Users to access the Solo-Practice Data?

Each Subscription License allows up to Three (3) Seat Licenses/Users. An incremental fee of $1,000.00 is required for each additional user per year.

Q: Can another Divisions of our company access the Solo-Practice Data using One (1) Subscription License?

No, Companies with Multiple Divisions, Operating Companies and/or Subsidiaries who wish to access the Solo-Practice Data are required to purchase a separate subscription. They are however, offered a discount Enterprise Subscription Rate as follows;

  • A 10% Discount Off the Base Rate for the 1st Division or Affiliate Company…
  • A 20% Discount Off the Base Rate for the 2nd Division or Affiliate Company…and
  • A 30% Discount Off the Base Rate for Each Division there after…


Q:  As a subscriber to the Solo-Practice Data, can you assist me with email campaigns?

Yes. As a subscriber to our data, Dental Data Solutions offers email deployment services for an addition fee. The fee is based on the Frequency & Quantity of emails you would like us to deploy. Speak with a representative for further details about our email deployment services.

Q:  When does my subscription expire and how/when will I be notified?

All subscriptions are placed on an annual basis and expire 12 months from their initiation and reminder notifications of expiration are sent via email within 30 days of your expiration date.

Q:  After I initiate my payment & my subscription access has been provided, can I change my mind and cancel my subscription?

No. Once the subscription is active, your access to the data, is immediate. Once access to the data has been provided the sale is final.